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A bit of Story

Founded in 2007 by Chris and Terry, Central Michigan Sewing Supplies emerged from a passion for salvaging vintage sewing machines and preserving their legacy. These machines are not merely tools; they embody memories and dreams. At the time, the availability of sewing machine parts was scarce, with vintage machines often neglected in thrift stores or disposed of in landfills. Chris was compelled to intervene, ensuring that these historical workhorses were not lost to oblivion.

Happiness is surrounding yourself with people that spark joy.

Who are we?

Chris & Terry, the driving force behind Central Michigan Sewing Supplies, has been serving the sewing industry with quality sewing machine parts and solutions for over 17 years. Their extensive inventory ensures that you receive precisely the best parts and accessories to meet your needs. Specializing in vintage sewing machine parts and accessories, they stock both new and vintage original parts, catering to a wide range of makes and models—from classic sewing machines to modern ones.

Chris began selling sewing machine parts on eBay back in 2007 under the username 231terry. You can still find their presence there today, now operating as sewingmachinedepot Additionally, they’ve expanded to Etsy, where they continue to serve the sewing community under the same username: sewingmachinedepot.

In February of 2023, Central Michigan Sewing Supplies made a significant move from the small town of Tustin, Michigan, to the sunny shores of Venice, Florida. Now operating as Sewing Machine Depot, they bring their wealth of experience—over 20 years in sewing machine repair and online sales—to the vibrant sewing community in their new home.

Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a budding enthusiast, Central Michigan Sewing Supplies is your go-to destination for all things sewing machine parts-related. From vintage treasures to modern marvels, they’ve got you covered! 🧵🌟

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Our Values

  • Happiness

    Discover the essence of joy ingrained within our DNA. Our philosophy on happiness encompasses passion, smiles, and authenticity. Embodying the tagline "This Is Where Sewing Machine Parts Live," we encapsulate the true spirit of contentment.

    Our way of happiness.

  • Openness

    At Central Michigan Sewing Supplies, sharing knowledge, being honest, and respectful communication is key. We encourage everyone, externally and internally, to give feedback for us to grow as a business. Together.

    Respectful communication is key

  • Community

    We are a small community where team-spirit is paramount. We see each other’s strengths and
    weaknesses, and support each other no matter what.

    From local to international

  • Responsibility

    Freedom with responsibility is an important part of the way we behave and act when at work. We take responsibility for all of our actions and expect our business partners to do the same.

    Every unit is part of a whole

Preserving Vintage Sewing Machines: A Sustainable Journey

From Landfill-Bound to Stitching Glory

In a world where fast fashion dominates, and disposable culture prevails, there’s a quiet revolution happening—one that involves vintage sewing machines. At Central Michigan Sewing Supplies, we’ve made it our mission to rescue these timeless treasures, breathe new life into them, and keep them out of landfills. Here’s how we’ve become stewards of sustainability:

1. The Forgotten Gems

Vintage sewing machines—those sturdy workhorses that once graced countless homes—are often discarded when they fall out of favor. They gather dust in attics, basements, and thrift stores. But we see beyond the rust and faded paint. We see the legacy of craftsmanship, the stories woven into every stitch, and the potential waiting to be unlocked.

2. Spare Parts and Ingenuity

Central Michigan Sewing Supplies is a treasure trove of spare parts. Need a bobbin case for your vintage Singer? We’ve got it. Missing a tension spring for your Kenmore? We’ve got that too. Our inventory spans decades, and our commitment to sourcing rare components ensures that no machine is left behind.

3. Stitching for Generations

By saving vintage sewing machines, we’re stitching together generations. Grandmothers pass down their beloved Singers to grandchildren who discover the joy of creating. These machines become heirlooms, connecting families across time. And with each stitch, we honor the craftsmanship of yesteryears.


At Central Michigan Sewing Supplies, we’re not just in the business of selling parts; we’re in the business of preserving history. So the next time you see a vintage sewing machine, think twice before relegating it to the landfill. It might just be waiting for a second chance—a chance to sew memories, stitch dreams, and weave sustainability into the fabric of our lives.

Join us in celebrating vintage sewing machines, one stitch at a time! 🌿🧵✨