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Singer Model 185 Sewing Machine Parts: Original and Replacement

Please explore our extensive collection of original and reproduction parts for the Singer Model 185 sewing machine. We take pride in offering one of the largest selections of original and reproduction parts ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your sewing machine.

The Singer Model 185K Sewing Machine: A Brief Overview

The Singer 185K sewing machines were produced in the Kilbowie factory in Scotland between 1958 and mid-1963. These machines were essentially a cosmetically re-packaged electric version of the long-serving model 99K, sharing many of the same mechanisms and parts. Interestingly, in May 1963, the 185 was replaced by the Singer 285, which looked almost identical externally but featured a different underbed mechanism with a rack and pinion to operate the oscillating hook.

Here are some key details about the Singer 185K:

  • Size: 3/4 full size (12-1/2" base)
  • Motor: Singer BAK or BZK-5 (external with V belt)
  • Needle: 15X1 (Flat to right)
  • Bobbin: Class 66
  • Finish: Tan/Brown (for British 185K) or Green (for US 185 and Canadian 185J