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Singer Model 500A Sewing Machine Parts: Original and Replacement

Do you have a Singer 500A sewing machine, also known as the Rocketeer? This is a vintage sewing machine that was launched in 1960, during the space age. It has a unique and futuristic design, with a flip-up top cover that hides the spool holders, the bobbin winder, and the cam system. The Rocketeer has a slant shank that brings the needle closer to the fabric and gives you a better view of the stitching area. It also has a drop-in bobbin, and a double needle feature. The Rocketeer can create a variety of stitches and patterns with external and internal cams, making it one of the most advanced and versatile sewing machines of its time.

If you want to keep your Rocketeer in good shape, you may need some replacement parts from time to time. That’s why we at Central Michigan Sewing Supplies offer you a large selection of vintage original and replacement parts for your Singer 500A sewing machine. We have needles, bobbins, feet, cams, gears, and more. Whether you need to repair a broken part or just want to enhance your machine, we have what you need to make your Rocketeer work like new. Visit our online catalog today and find the parts you need for your Singer 500A sewing machine.