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Singer Model 201 Sewing Machine Parts: Original and Replacement

The Singer Sewing Machine Model 201 was a popular domestic sewing machine produced by the Singer Manufacturing Company from 1935 to 1961. It was produced mainly in the USA and the UK, although smaller numbers were also made in some other factories as well. The Singer 201 series of full-size sewing machines had several variations over the years, including the 201K, 201D, and 201P models. The 201K model was electrically powered and had a full rotary hook and high-carbon super-hard meshing gears that gave the machine a new smoothness. It was straight stitch only, but Singer produced lots of attachments to achieve different finishes. These included buttonholers, zigzag attachments, blind stitchers, and many more. It was favored by tailors and professional seamstresses because of the large ‘harp’ space to accommodate bulky fabric. The 201D model was made at the Wittenberge factory in Germany until the factory was closed at the end of WW11. The 201P model was assembled in Penrith, Australia from parts made in the Kilbowie factory in the UK. The bases and cases for 201P models were made locally in Australia and are different from those for UK-built machines.