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New Replacement Foot Control With Cord - Part # J00360051

New Replacement Foot Control With Cord - Part # J00360051

$ 29.95

-New electronic foot control with cord


-BabyLock Models B15, B17, B21, BL200, BL702, BL712, BL713, BL722, BL1500, BL1550, BL1556, BL200, BL2100, BL2150, BL2160, BL2200, BL2400, BL2600, BL6000, BL6150, BL6200, BL6300

-Bernina Models 800, 50, B60, B70, B80

-Brother Models 461, 1781, BM2800, BM3700, BM3850, BS2145, BS2250, GS2700, GS3750, GX37, H537ST, J17, JX2517, LS1212B, LS1217, LS1217B, LS1317, LS1417, LS1520, LS17, LS1717, LS1817, LS2000, LS2020, LS2125, LS2125i, LS2129, LS2135, LS2150, LS2160, LS2220, LS2250PRW, LS2325, LS2350, LS2375, LS2400, LS2720, LS30, LS3000, LS35, LS5000, LS590, LX1700, LX2375, LX2763, LX3014, LX3125, LX3817, LX3850, PS1000, PS1200, PS1250, PS1750, PS1800, PS2200, PS2500, PS3100, PS3700, SB170, SB530T, SM1704, SM2700, SM3701, ST531HD, VX540, VX560, VX710, VX757, VX760, VX780, VX808, VX810, VX847, VX870, VX920, VX940, VX950, VX970, VX1010, VX1020, VX1100, VX1120, VX1125, VX1140, VX1250, VX1400, VX1435, VX1500, XL2010, XL2022, XL2027, XL2030, XL2120, XL2500, XL2600, XL2600i, XL2800, XL3010, XL3022, XL3025, XL3027, XL3030, XL3100, XL3200, XL3500, XL3700, XL3750, XL3850, XL4010 XL4011, XL4012, XL4014, XL4015, XL4020, XL4030, XL4040, XL4041, XL4041AV, XL4045, XL4050, XL4060, XL5010, XL5020, XL5021, XL5030, XL5100, XL5130, XL5230, XL5232, XL5300, XL5340, XL5500, XL5600, XL5600, XL5700, XL5900, XL6040, XL6050, XL6060, XL6452, XL6562, XM2701, XM3700, XM3710, XQ2700 XR21, XR23, XR31, XR33, XR34, XR35, XR37, XR40, XR46, XR52, XR53, XL6060, XL6452, XL6562, XR65, XR65T, ZA350, Galaxy 2015

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-Riccar Models Models R1934, R1950, R2050, R3100

-Viking Models 234, 234D, 430, 431, 435, 440, 441, 444, 535D, 600, 700

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